The Polyphenol Booster

The Polyphenol Booster

Rich in darkly colored polyphenols thanks to the pom, blueberry and cranbiscus JÜJ, you are triple-timing your gut health with this bevvy - all while enjoying an invigorating berry flavor. PS: the rosemary is rich in detox-promoting compounds!


  • ½ cup 100% pomegranate juice

  • 1.5 T rosemary honey simple (use the honey simple recipe and add 1T fresh rosemary to 1/2 cup simple syrup, bring to a boil then simmer for 2 mins and strain)

  • Fresh rosemary sprigs

  • 2 dropperfuls of Cranbiscus JÜJ

  • 1/4 cup frozen wild blueberries

  • 2 cups sparkling water


Divide blueberries into 8-10 oz glasses

Combine juice, simple, JÜJ and sparkling water and pour over frozen blueberries, garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary

Makes ~2 servings


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