About JÜJ

JÜJ is uniquely crafted in-house by the founders in small batches.

Our curated blends are backed by functional medicine, clinical experience, and the desire for better bitters.

Our mission is to help people create an intentional ritual that supports their health and ignites joy.

Meg + Alex, Founders

About Us

Meet Meg

As a Registered Dietitian with Celiac disease and 10 years of clinical experience working in gut health, I found that most people struggling with gut issues like constipation, acid reflux and bloating have symptoms that are often rooted in digestive insufficiency.

What's digestive insufficiency? The reduced ability to produce optimal digestive juices (like stomach acid, digestive enzymes and bile) to appropriately break down and absorb food. This can be due to things like birth control, chronic stress (a biggie), autoimmune disease and poor diet/lifestyle habits. Suboptimal digestion is a common root cause that mucks up our gut health!

Despite my knowledge base as a dietitian, I myself still struggle with digestive insufficiency related to my autoimmune disease, hence why I'M OBSESSED WITH DIGESTIVE BITTERS.

Additionally, I’m frustrated by the lack of Celiac-safe digestive bitters that are made with well-sourced ingredients & taste good. I also found a place for bitters as an enhancer for my social life. Being a frequent social alcohol drinker in the past who constantly fought the battle between drinking less and feeling awkward or drinking more and feeling bloated and symptomatic, I wanted to find a ritual that met my mental, emotional and physical needs as a sober curious but social person

In short, JÜJ helps me feel less bloated and supports my vibrant social life.

Meet Alex

I spent years as an Olympic athlete fine tuning everything—or so I thought—about my body that would make me feel better and swim faster. However, I was short-sighted and overlooked crucial aspects of my health and nutrition; I thought of my gut health as something totally separate from high performance and wellbeing - something that I had to just deal with, and that making efforts to improve would distract me from a better use of my time and energy. As long as I was consuming all the right macros in addition to my training, I would be in tip top shape, right?

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. As a lifelong athlete, diehard foodie, relentless seeker of interesting flavors and ingredients, and committed tinkerer with a strong background in chemistry and biology, I’ve combined these favorite parts of myself along with Meg’s deep gut health expertise to create JÜJ. Wherever you are on your journey, it only gets better from here!

Stay tuned to learn more about how JÜJ impacted Alex’s gut health and athletic performance.
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