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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products safe?

We strive to make products that are safe and broad spectrum. We steer clear of herbs that are widely contraindicated so that most people can use our products.

Please stay within the recommended serving sizes and if you have specific medical concerns, please consult with your doctor. Read more on the health benefits of our digestive bitters here.

We do not recommend digestive bitters in cases of kidney or gallstones, severe GERD such as in cases of gastric ulcer or hiatal hernia or in those with peptic ulcer disease.

Also, please note our guidelines for pregnancy/lactation/children below and also note that most of our products contain alcohol.

Why is there alcohol in JÜJ?

We use a non-gmo, gluten free alcohol to infuse our herbs and citrus to the highest level of potency. We feel that this is the best way to preserve and showcase the organic herbs and ingredients we use to offer the best taste profile.

The tiny amount of alcohol in each serving size is negligible given the recommended dose and percentage of alcohol. The amount is similar to that of liposomal vitamins or a small serving of kombucha.

To get more specific, 1 mL (or 1 dropperful) of JÜJ has .4g of alcohol and a 12oz can of kombucha can have over 1.5g of alcohol. In addition, a sip of wine typically has >1.5g of alcohol and 1 tsp of vanilla extract also has >1.5g.

Are your ingredients non-GMO/Organic?

We infuse all of our ingredients in a non-GMO, gluten-free vodka.

All of our herbs are rigorously sourced through vendors that ensure the highest level of quality (the vast majority via Mountain Rose Herbs) and are certified organic, non-GMO and gluten free.

In the specific case of cranberries, we have chosen not to signify organic on the label because consistently sourcing unsweetened dried organic cranberries is challenging. That said, we do our best to use organic cranberries, and we are currently working with an organic farmer in Maine who meets our supply chain demands.

All citrus used is organic and non-GMO.

Are JÜJ bitters safe for Celiac disease?

YES! While not officially certified through GFCO (yet) due to funding of our bootstrapped business, one of the founders has celiac disease and created JÜJ due to her frustration that celiac-safe digestive bitters don't actually exist!

We have taken extra precautions to source gluten-free ingredients, prepare all bitters on dedicated gluten free equipment and third party batch test for a guaranteed <5 ppm gluten through Bia Diagnostics who uses R5 ELISA and gliadin competitive testing; currently stated by experts like Trisha Thompson of Gluten Free Watchdog to be the most viable and accurate testing for gluten in food products on the market.

We additionally take measures to do at-home testing via Neogen which uses LSD rapid testing and was originally created by Bia Diagnostics and based on the ELISA competitive testing.

Do you test for contaminants like mycotoxins?

Yes, we use a third party lab known as Bia Diagnostics for testing of mycotoxins in our products. We can confirm that all of our flavors are completely below delectable limits for any mycotoxins.

Is JÜJ safe for pregnant / breastfeeding moms?

While JÜJ contains many nutrients that are supportive to a preconception or postpartum mom who is struggling with things like gas, bloat or acid reflux, we recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner before consuming any JÜJ bitters products if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

Stay tuned, we will be offering a alcohol-free based herbal bitters soon!

How is JÜJ different from other bitters?

Different from old school brands of cocktail brands that use junky ingredients like caramel color and added artificial colors and flavorings, JÜJ is curated with quality in mind – we focus the utmost attention on sourcing organic, non-GMO and Celiac-safe ingredients while also focusing on making sure our bitters are free of sneaky contaminants like mycotoxins from mold and pesticides.

We also value taste.  Many of the newer bitters brands that also choose quality ingredients either do not offer a Celiac-safe product or don’t taste good enough to throw into a mocktail.

Why choose JÜJ over other sober-curious drinks?

JÜJ blends the outcomes of feeling your best physically in your body and emotionally in your social life. Our brand focuses on supporting the health-conscious person who wants to put something in their body that they can rest assured is improving their gut health while also feeling like they have a remedy for the times they dont want to drink alcohol but they still want to fit in and live a socially vibrant life. 

Different from other non-alcoholic spirits that include things like CBD or adaptogens, JÜJ is meant to specifically optimize digestive processes like increasing output of digestive juices, helping you to better absorb and break down your food, and supporting gut motility aka healthy bowel movements. It also can support those with deal with generally more bloating and things like gas or acid reflux.

While JÜJ can be enjoyed within a mocktail or cocktail, you can also enjoy it directly on the tongue as a digestive aid before meals—we love the Lemon Bitters this way.

How long is JÜJ good for?

JÜJ is best enjoyed within 8 weeks after opening.

Always make sure to give it a shake before use as the coarsely-filtered nature of the product can result in some sediment settling.

When is the best time to take JÜJ bitters?

We recommend taking bitters directly on the tongue directly before or during meals if using bitters to optimize digestive health.

You can also dilute them in a bit of water and drink before meals if the taste is too ahem, bitter ;)

They can also be dropped into a mocktail at any time of the day! For us founders, we like to add some bitters to our bevvy with lunch or dinner to help with digestion and add some JÜJing ;) to the mundane parts of a typical weekday.

We also love to enjoy some bitters in a warm cup of tea (the lemon + tulsi or ginger tea is lovely) as a digestif after dinner.

You can’t get this wrong! Before, during or after a meal or between meals all works well! You can also take them with heavier snacks to support digestion.

Are JÜJ Digestive Bitters safe for kids?

Yes! Our products are safe for children over 2 years old to consume as long as the dose is matched to their weight.

The recommended bottle serving sizes are based on a 120-150 lb adult, therefore, divide the amount by your child's weight to find the correct ratio and serving size.

For example, a 40 lb child should be taking ~ 1/3 of the dose.

As a general/easy rule of thumb we recommend limiting child dosing from a minimum dose of 2-3 drops to a maximum dose of ½ dropperful.

Children over 100 lbs are safe to take the lower end of the recommended dose (ie 1 dropperful or 1 mL).

Can I take too much JÜJ?

We recommend sticking to our recommended servings sizes of 5-7 drops on the tongue before/with each meal or 1-3 mL in a mocktail 1-3 times daily. If you're more sensitive to herbs or alcohol-based products, we recommend starting with the lower end of these ranges and weaning up.

If you feel great with digestive bitters (like us) then you can bump beyond these ranges but do so incrementally and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Keep in mind that our products contain a small amount of alcohol (see FAQ question #2 for details) so we wouldn't recommend drinking an entire bottle of JÜJ in one sitting ;).

How long does it take to get my JÜJ?

We fulfill orders 3x/week (bear with us we're a small team of 2!), so it should be in the mail within a few days of purchase.

Shipping options in the checkout have real-time shipping estimates based on your address.